Logotype, illustration and jacket design by Chuck McPherson

Oh, lingering fractured echoes! Memories of things that were and events that failed to be are oft suppressed, only to return with haunting persistence. Concealed beneath the shadow of his heavy, gray cloak, the Fay gazed out the tavern window at the clear evening sky. His brooding thoughts were replaced with a subtle smile as he considered Stellewal's deliverance from the whims of the Elves, "I believe it is starting to rain." Resentment continues to build against Queen Kaliopy and her involvement with the Elfin Clans, and interchanging the words rain and reign become and secret code when a rebellion ignites within the Faerie kingdom of Stellewal. Concurrently, the apprehension surrounding King Pelleszor's Pixen lineage had divided the Eastern Clans into a civil war, inspiring a group of Elves to appeal to King Rinion's depraved and enigmatic brother, Skryshayn, for aid. But Skryshayn has a different agenda. Who is successfully manipulating whom, and who will rise victorious in Stelletwal falls? Stelletwal Echoes is the fourth book, and part V, in the Stelletwal series.

Vengeance & Domination

Logotype, illustration and jacket design by Chuck McPherson

The result of every action yields consequences which can irreversibly turn the tides of life. Some work quickly with passion and perseverance, motivated by vengeance, entitlement and a lust for power. But there are those who are passive and slow to respond, fearful, victimized and doubtful of their worth. Both extremes can be deadly and the lines between right and wrong begin to blur. The truce between the Elves of the Southern and Western kingdoms has ended, forcing King Rinion and Queen Kaliopy into war against the Southern Clans. But just days before the battle begins Azuryne, the High Princess, is hesitant to commit Stelletwal's magic to the cause as the foundation of her faith is shaken. Princes Rylan and Chalorys find evidence of an ancient weapon which could alter events further, sending the twins on an adventure far away from their homeland. As Rinion and Kaliopy turn their attention to the needs of their people, an old foe resurfaces. But there are others who can justifiably lay claim to the throne. The struggle will not cease after the King is dead. "Stelletwal Vengeance & Domination" is the sequel and continuing saga, following "Stelletwal Deception & Illumination".

Deception & Illumination

Logotype, illustration and jacket design by Chuck McPherson

Since the dawn of recorded history, the Faerie kingdom of Stelletwal has forbidden the practice of magic outside her protected Temple walls. But an extraordinary new magic will be unleashed upon the world should the Elfin and Faerie bloodlines continue to mingle.

The enchantment surrounding the Faerie New Year offers unprecedented inspiration and romantic intrigue when the Princess Kaliopy meets Rinion, a mysterious Elfin Prince destined to inherit a kingdom on the brink of war. With the inevitable end to a constrained truce looming on the horizon, Kaliopy and Rinion put their combative skills to the test as they face shadowy beings with a vicious thirst for blood, a murderous brother presumed dead, a dormant power long forgotten and a mighty sorceress forced into exile. Generations of deception, prejudice and strife surface as the young couple uncover the truth of their pasts, confront the peril of their present and secure the glory of their future while clutching on to the only unmovable force in their lives: their love for each other.


Logotype, illustration and jacket design by Chuck McPherson

Bestowed to King Ryshan in a truce, Princess Tsavryel is torn between loyalty and her beliefs when she compromises her future for the benefit of her homeland. But the war is not over. Pushed to her limits while executing her father’s deceptive scheme, Tsavryel realizes her true allies and the key within herself for salvation. Meanwhile, the Faerie kingdom of Stelletwal has lost its king in battle against the relentless Pixins. Reluctantly, Altryune accepts the crown, but the ideals of a king are far different from those of a soldier. As Altryune struggles with his identity, friends Talinsyr and Endromyne confront their own challenges with their new roles in his life. A decision regarding the fate of Endromyne’s sister Finyanna surfaces, as the young maiden rebels against Stelletwal’s laws restricting magic. Facing the solitary consequences of her actions in the northern reaches of the forest, she is befriended by a mysterious Fay, who has a discomforting motive for keeping her alive.

Visit Stelletwal and the Western Clans one generation before the Faerie and Elfin kingdoms unite in “Stelletwal Deception & Illumination.” Two independent storylines serve as the foundations in this carefully woven prequel. This is “Stelletwal Sacrifice.”